AURUMTAERAPI and Foot Reflexology

Aurumtaerapi is a therapeutic insole designed after extensive Foot Reflexology studies.

Foot Reflexology is a massage technique based on the stimulation of specific points on the feet that correspond to specific body organs and parts, improving overall well-being. In compliance with this holistic therapy, the surface of the insole, made of natural leather is bordered with silver thread coated in antibacterial gold that massages the feet, relieving ailments and disorders such as poor blood circulation, headache, backache, tension, joint and muscle pain.

Foot Reflexology and Magnet Therapy

Thanks to ongoing research and development, Aurumtaerapi has also created an insole that combines Foot Reflexology with Magnet Therapy.

The latter is based on applying magnets to specific areas of the body subject to ailments and disorders.

The magnets convey the blood from the foot sole to body parts and/or organs on which the magnets are applied, improving tissue oxygenation and relieving inflammatory, joint and muscular disorders, and pain.

Therapeutic effect and Materials

The therapeutic effect of AURUMTAERAPI has been obtained by using special materials.

Being good heat and electricity conductors, gold and silver adjust feet temperature inside the shoe, preventing excessive sweating or cold feet. These two metals, applied externally, help reactivating the correct physiological processes and restore the balance and well-being of the body.
During the massage, the gold stimulates the circulation and triggers an anti-inflammatory process in the body, increasing its strength and relieving pain. Silver has antibacterial and fungicidal properties.
It acts on the enzymatic and metabolic cycle of microbes, limiting their replication. It also has antiperspirant properties, as it neutralizes the microbial flora.

The natural leather allows the feet to transpire inside the shoe thus maintaining a stable temperature.

Therefore, a single energy circuit is created thanks to silver and gold thread that connects all reflex points.
To increase the energy flow, a thin stainless steel net was used, that also boasts an antistatic effect.
It reactivates blood circulation by discharging the static energy build up in the body.

The antibacterial rubber net and the anti shock cushion make the insoles soft and comfortable to walk on.

After using them for a while, you can notice a blackening of the contour of the reflex points corresponding to body parts that are energetically unbalanced, on which the insole acts primarily.
In order to achieve the prevention and the therapeutic effect, please use the insoles constantly.