Scientific test

Clinical test have proved that:

The first phase of the clinical trial of the insole EXCLUSIVE DIABETES, conducted at the University La Sapienza in Rome, has shown:
• Reduction of GLUCOSE value from 25% to 43% in all patients;
• Mean value of Compliance of the insole is 9/10 in a decimal scale;
• 3 out of 46 patients have reduced the amount of insulin by 40% (both ready and delayed insulin);
Reduction of bacterial load in diabetic foot wound in 35% of patients.

*Clinical Trial conducted on 46 patients between 48 and 93 years with Diabetes Type II, affected with micro and macro angiopathy, autonomic, sensory and / or motor neuropathy.

Scientific test have proved that:

• Reduction in the sensation of heavy legs
• Reduction in joint and muscle pain
• Adjustment of the temperature of the foot inside the shoe
• Increased speed of foot warming

scientific testing at: University of Padua – Industrial Engineering Department - Sports Engineering Lab.