Yes, at the time of purchase, you will be asked to register to the website.

No, the newsletter is meant to update customers on new products, discounts, promotions, events.

Yes, when you add products to your cart and proceed to check-out, shipping costs are calculated automatically.

Yes, payment may be made in cash directly to the courier.

Yes, you can make purchases from abroad, as long as you are purchasing from a country within Europe.

No, if you purchase products outside of Italy, payment must be made by wire transfer or credit card.

If you wear an intermediate size, we recommend buying the smaller size. For example, if you’re a size 38.5, you should buy a size 38.

Yes, the insole can be trimmed within the outer seam, being careful not to cut the thread. For women who wear footwear with narrow sole, we recommend the LADY version.

You can file a claim in writing within 7 days of delivery. Claims filed after this deadline will be automatically rejected. If you request to return the insole to company, delivery expenses are charged to the customer (see conditions of sale under point 7).

The effect of the magnets is permanent and NEVER runs out. It is constant over time.

The therapeutic effect is maintained for as long as the insole is intact and until the circuit formed by the golden thread, magnets and stainless cloth is interrupted.

No, negative side effects on the organism have never been reported; however, the insoles cannot be used by:
• pacemaker carriers
• epileptic patients
• pregnant women
• patients with neoplastic diseases
• arterial by-pass and metal valve carriers
• subjects with metallic prosthesis foot

The first positive results can be noticed even after a few days from application, but may take up to 20 days of constant use.

In case of manifest intolerance to use of the product. In some cases, there may be an increase in discomfort when first using the insole, which gradually disappears with regular use.

As you wear the insole, you may notice that the outline of the reflex points that correspond to parts of the body subject to energy imbalance, on which the insole acts more prominently, turns black. This means that the insoles are having their effect, and not that you should stop using them.

The leather tends to darken over time because it is 100% natural. It contains no chemical additives and/or dyes, so it can also be used by subjects who have high sensitivity to various chemical agents, even without socks.

Yes, the insoles can also be used with a bare foot. Wearing a sock does not hinder the therapeutic effect of the insoles.